Get fit, stay healthy, and have fun!

About Racketeer Sports

Racketeer Sports was originally formed in 2016 as Pickleball Haven, based in British Columbia. The owner of the company, Philip Purnell, started playing the sport in 2016 and, like so many others, was soon totally hooked. He often uses the word ‘addictive’ to describe the game.

Philip quickly realized that without an opportunity to try out a paddle before purchasing there was an obvious risk that the one you buy might not work for you. High Strung Racquets, a local company at the time, had a selection of paddles to choose from but there was no way of test driving before purchase. Philip paid $100 for his first paddle and soon realized that it was not a good fit for him.

Six months later he bought another paddle, this time for $125 and again, realized that although it was better than the first paddle, it still was not right. Like Harry Potter and his wand, it worked but was not all that it could be and was certainly no Elder Wand.

When High Strung Rackets closed their shop a void was created in the market. National chains had very little choice of product or knowledge of the game. Online purchasing was possible but, again, you would likely be buying blind. Philip saw this as an opportunity and Pickleball Haven was born. He began providing the local Pickleball community with a wide selection of paddles (styles and prices), balls, nets, accessories and shoes.

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Having watched thousands of hours of play on local courts, Philip has acquired the skill of observing a person’s style of play and being able to suggest the best paddle. At the local courts he will gladly loan the player a paddle to try. With the introduction of Racketeer Sports and its Online Shop he has translated that skill into a phone service and invites website visitors / customers to give him a call. After an in-depth telephone discussion of the player’s needs Philip will offer a recommendation of the appropriate equipment. He takes great pleasure in helping customers get started playing and improve their game.

Pickleball is a relatively inexpensive sport. A paddle and shoes are the only speciality equipment required. A good paddle should last a long time. “It’s an investment in you” Philip says, “Your health, your fitness and your fun.”

Racketeer Sports motto: Get fit, stay healthy and have fun!