“Try Before You Buy”

As the Western Canadian representative for this first rate, pickleball paddle company, we are extending this successful program across Western Canada.

This is an ideal way of trying out various paddles to find the perfect fit.
Shape matters.  Find what works for you.
Enhance your game and eliminate the paddle as the reason for missing those shots.
Get peace of mind and increased confidence as you will know which paddle works best for you.
Support our economies and enjoy the performance of a superior, North American made product.

Here is how it works:

Visit our Demo Program page to purchase a demo package for $25 and we will send you a selection of 4 TMPR paddles in different shapes.
We will give you a call to discuss which weights and styles are likely to work best for your playing style.
Once you have tried out the paddles for 2 weeks, simply return the package and provide us with the tracking number.
When you decide, go online and make your purchase.  During checkout, fill out all fields including your full name, street address, email and phone number.
After returning the paddles*, you will receive a coupon for $20 that you may apply toward the purchase of a new TMPR paddle and $20 towards the cost of the return postage.
The demo paddles can be shared amongst your friends and other players.
Use the same box and packing materials that you receive the package in, for the return.
We will call you to acquire your credit card information as a surety for the return of the paddles.
If you have any questions, email us at philip@racketeersports.com and type “Demo Program” in the subject line.
Order your 4 paddle demo package today and feel the difference.   BUY
*In the event that the demo paddles are not returned within a 2 week period after delivery, we will first attempt to contact you as a reminder. If we are unable to reach you and your paddles are not returned, you will be charged half of the products’ value based on the MSRP.
"To be honest, the entire TMPR Sports paddle line-up could be featured in this article. But to maintain some diversity in brands, shapes and types, we'll leave you with nothing short of the best - The TMPR Tantrum LX!”

-Pickleball Guide. Best pickleball paddles 2021