Allowable Paddle Sizes.

On a recent road trip to Nanaimo, Comox, Courtenay and Campbell River, I was again asked about the maximum allowable sizes for pickleball paddles.  There is a general misunderstanding that it is based on square inches.

The general guideline as set out by the USAPA is that a paddle may not be more than 17 inches long.  Another part of that rule is that the paddle length and width cannot exceed 24 inches so in this case, if your paddle is 17 inches long, it cannot be more than 7 inches wide.

Most paddles are close to 8 inches in width so a typical size would be 7.7/8th wide and 15.7/8” long for a total of just under 24 inches.

It is easy to imagine a player turning up at the courts with a baseball bat, hence the need for some rules/guidelines.

If you stick with a good North American brand of paddle, you cannot go too far wrong.

Here are some examples of paddles that comply with the rules in addition to being very well made.  The shape makes a difference in their playability and is best experienced by trying out the various shapes to find the one that works best for you.

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See you on the courts.