A great training day for pickleball in Campbell River, Vancouver Island.

They do it so well.  With a dedicated team of volunteers, lead by Graham, the Campbell River pickleball group continue to excel in their determination to bring pickleball to as many local residents as possible.

The Campbell River Sportplex recently offered a program of learning to play pickleball.  28 people signed up for this training session: 2 hours, once a week and for 4 Saturdays.

The session started out with information about the game followed by some practical hands-on training and drills.  I was very happy to be invited to attend this group and do a two minute presentation on using the correct equipment, including paddles/rackets, court shoes and balls.

Several of the new players took advantage of my demo paddles and, in trying them out on the court, learned what type of paddle felt right for them.

Not surprisingly everyone is soon eager to get into a game situation and the fun begins. I found it really interesting to see the progress the new players made from the start to the end of the games that followed.

New players, in particular, have questions about the difference in indoor to outdoor balls, what are court shoes and most often, what is a good choice for a pickleball paddle specific for their needs.  If you buy one off-the-shelf or online, without trying it out first, there is a good chance that it will not be the right paddle for you.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and a good day was had by all it seems.

Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/379086699180942/

Happy playing.