Pickleball singles play.  (Skinny Singles).

Played Singles yesterday for the first time and what a good experience.  I see lots of upside with this type of play.  We played Skinny Singles which is very aptly named what with all of the energy needed.

  1. It is a great workout. Was done-in within 90 minutes.  You have to play every shot on your side of the court so even playing for an hours is going to give you lots of exercise.
  2. Your court, your shot. No looking at your partner for help or “How could you miss that shot”. J
  3. Thinking about and executing more precision based shots. You only have half the room so accuracy is important.
  4. Remembering the basics e.g. Get-up to the line as soon as possible.
  5. Keep thinking. E.g. where should I be standing?
  6. Great opportunity to do dinking.

It dawned on me that remembering where to stand is straight forward so long as you know your score.  The same as scoring in regular doubles.  Even number on the right and odd number on the left.  In singles, play to the side of the court where the other person is standing.  This means sometime playing straight in front of you and sometimes diagonally.

It is easy to see that by the end of our Covid travails, we could have better Pickleball skills.

There is a Q&A section at the BC Pickleball web site that will explain the new rules.


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