First Package.

After many months have got the website to a position of functioning well.  There are still minor presentation wrinkles to sort out but we have received several orders via the website.  This is encouraging.  Pickleball paddles and balls are the main items being ordered, as you would expect although we would expect to see an uptick in Christmas Pickleball gifts such as sling bags.

One of the biggest challenges has been trying to work with the various courier companies and have come to the surprising realization that you have to check the price with each company for every delivery.  We used Canada Post on one occasion as they offered the best value for a shipment going to Halifax.

Another surprise was the written advice by one of the couriers, “You should always use a new box”.  In this day and age of recycling, reusing and repurposing, it seemed like a strange thing to say.  We would not reuse a box in poor condition, however, most of the boxes that are sent to me are in good shape.  Reusing them makes sense except they do not look as pretty.  If it’s just about appearance then a new box it is.