A shout out to the Canadian Pickleball Associations

As I visit some of the Pickleball Association websites within Canada, there appears to be commonality in purpose. In my hometown the Comox Valley Pickleball Association posts updated information regarding when and where to play, local tournaments (pre-Covid) and, as an example, sent an email this morning reminding members of upcoming Referee training.

I am happy to support our Association by committing to paid advertising for my business. The Associations put a lot of time and energy into making things run well.  We benefit from our local membership fee as this also enables us to be members of Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada. Membership fees are remarkably low. In the Comox Valley excellent and dedicated outdoor pickleball courts were built last year. Without the help of our Association and the Rotary Club, we would still be playing in the Lacrosse box.

Thank you to everyone who helps organize, contributes and supports your local Pickleball Club. Our sport is growing by leaps and bounds right across Canada. A huge thank you to everyone who helps organize, contributes to and supports their local Pickleball club or association.

Talking with some players from Alberta recently I found their story sounded remarkably similar.  The big difference is that is Alberta players are forced to play indoors in the fall and winter weather. Their winter outdoor game would be much incumbered by so many layers of clothing (apparently).  J







To name just a few…….