What’s all the fuss about!

Here is some information about Carbon Fiber as used on Pickleball paddles.  What is it, what is it used for, does it make a difference and is it worth the extra cost.

Carbon Fiber has been around for a long time and is being used in many applications. Rolls Royce produced Carbon Fibre blades for use in jetliner engines. The blades performed very well but did not stand up to “Bird Strikes”and were ultimately discontinued. Be advised that when you leap in the air for that smash shot, take note of any nearby birds.

More recently, a Carbon Fibre application has been with Pickleball paddle playing surfaces.  The product is tough, durable and adds to both ping-off-the-paddle and driving speed.  How are these two contradictory points possible?  Ping is as a direct consequence of the material  performing in the same way that Graphite does, meaning if you want more speed, Carbon Fiber will perform for you.

If you are looking for more control particularly in the soft game, Carbon Fiber can help.  In speaking with the owner of Prolite Paddles recently, It was explained to me this way – “The surface of the Carbon Fiber has a large number of hairs (filaments) that are microscopic in length and cannot be seen or felt normally.  They help the ball linger on the paddle allowing for more control”.

The big question:  “Is it worth paying a whole lot more for a paddle?”  Selkirk have done a great job of advertising and building interest in their latest offering – the Vanguard. However due to what must be distribution/manufactoring challenges you cannot buy one right now anywhere in North America.  The Vanguard  paddle combines the Ampted technology and the Carbon fiber surface material.  The Hybrid version sells for $279.95 plus taxes.The BC price would be a total of $313.54.

Prolite Sports produce a good range of Carbon Fiber paddles that offer the same benefits in the technology including vibration dampening, pop off the paddle and control, but at a much better price.  We offer the Prolite Sports Carbon Fiber paddles in a range from $224 to $255 including taxes.

Consider treating yourself to a new Prolite Titan for Christmas.  ☺

The full range of Carbon Fiber paddles by Prolite are available at my website at www.racketeersports.com