We are told it is the fastest growing sport on the planet. With an estimated 3 million active players in the USA and 350,000 in Canada, everyone is getting into the sport. A great way to have fun and to get together with good friends (and make new friends) and to enjoy the camaraderie Pickleball offers, day after day, week after week – year to year.

This is a very inexpensive sport and to get started you will require three specifics:

(1) Paddle – one that fits comfortably by weight, size and handle. If you are able, you could try out various paddles. (Please see previous blog on “How to pick your pickleball paddle”). Alternatively you can call us at 250 207 6959 or email and we will assist you in determining the right paddle for you.

(2) Shoes – Court shoes are most important for comfort and support whether playing indoor or outdoor. It is important that they are Court shoes or specifically designed for Pickleball as they will have the rounded edges, to stop tripping and extra support across the bridge.

(3) Balls.  The balls used in Pickleball are a Wiffle ball with the indoor ball having 26 holes and the outside ball having 40.  A good idea is to have two of each in your bag.

That’s it! Nothing more required. Shorts, long pants, skirt, skort, T shirt – whatever you are comfortable playing in. Again – comfort is the key.

Oh!  One other thing.  Come with a view of having a good time, laughing lots and getting fit.  Pickleball is for all levels of players and for specific places to play and how to get started, please visit your local Pickleball Association.  In the case of the Comox Valley, it is