I dropped into the Union Bay Pickleball session a while back to say hello and to let the group now how much I have enjoyed providing them with paddles, balls, nets etc. and watching them play. Upon approaching the entrance door, thought that I had come to a local comedy/theater group practice.   Easily confusing when you hear so much laughter.



Thank you Jan (Janice Foster) for your ceaseless hospitality and to all of the players who seem to share the same pickleball addiction as mine. They play for fun. Simple as that.

Right now the Union Bay Picklers use the old hall twice a week. Since the court got reoriented last year it now enjoys lots of room around the court so as to set up chairs and enjoy viewing the games. Hopefully the repurposed outdoor tennis courts will be available this summer. My visit gave some of the Picklers an opportunity to try out new Paddles/Rackets/Racquets.

I am wondering if the local authorities are aware that the laughter probably exceeds the permissible acceptable local noise by-laws. There is a rumour that the local chain saw repair facility had launched a complaint about the noise. Local people having fun is what this group is all about.