Many people have pulled in their spending during these last few months out of concern for the uncertainly surrounding the pandemic. Being forced to stay at home means no spending on travel, gas, hotels, etc. Now that outdoor Pickleball courts are opening once again, spending on pickleball paddles/racquets has rebounded. There is a serious shortage of nets in Canada and the balls are also in short supply. People are wanting to set up courts at home and, in my area, players are to use their own balls when serving.

This past spring with time on our hands due to the enforced Covid-19 lockdown we took the opportunity to invest in what we love instead of pulling in our horns. We have relaunched our business, with a name change from PickleballHaven to RacketeerSports, a new e-commerce website and the introduction of guidelines to assist customers to pick the right paddle via our newly developed questionnaire.

We have carefully selected a few brands of paddles and equipment including Manta, Apex, Selkirk, TMPR, a beginner’s paddle and Racketeer Sports’ own brand (RS). We carry Fuse II, RS yellow, Penn, Franklin X and Dura 40’s outdoor balls. For indoor balls we carry the RS brand, Fuse, Franklin, Jugs and Penns.

Pickleball is one of the most economical sports a person can play. You need a decent pair of court shoes, a good paddle that fits your requirements and, depending upon where you live, court fees. We are blessed here in the Comox Valley with ample outside courts, lots of summer sunshine, and a genuine thankfulness to be able to get outside, meet with other players, laugh a lot and get fit. Both physically and mentally.

If you can correctly identify the location of the pickleball courts in the photo below and are the first person to email me, you will win two free pickleballs.