What a wonderful discovery pickleball has been particularly in these Covid 19 times. When the owner of High Strung Racquets retired from supplying equipment in 2018, it was difficult to find a reliable source of pickleball paddles/racquets without having to order them online.

Ordering online can be problematic as unless you are buying a paddle you have held in your hand and tried, then it is hit and miss. Thus Pickleball Haven was born. Our mission statement: “Promote the game of Pickleball for the enjoyment of all participants whilst providing easy access to a variety of Pickleball products and services at affordable prices.”

I did my research and put all of those ideas into the melting pot and came to the conclusion that the concept of “Try before you buy” makes sense when it is possible. Three months before starting Pickleball Haven I purchased my second paddle straight off of the shelf, without having the opportunity of trying it. Guess what! It did not work for me. (Anybody looking for a second hand paddle?)

What I have learned is that generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Without trying out a paddle, how are you going to know if it works for you and your playing style. I came to realize that there are better products out there which suit me better.

I created the Pickleballhaven website to let Picklers know that there are now options when considering a Pickleball paddles. We have developed a questionnaire that helps identify which paddle will work best for you. Let me know when you are in need of a paddle via our new and renamed website (Racketeersports.com) via email contact form, phone, email or text and we can arrange to discuss on the phone and if time permits, complete the questionnaire.

Get fit, stay healthy and have fun.